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I got my MF yesterday and I love every bit of it. Within a minute of unboxing it I was vaping...
-- Kevin
I had another full day w/the unit and just love it. In terms of efficiency, I have been shocked on how good this little sucker goes.
-- Duh
First impressions: It is an impressive little device that will certainly fill that portability gap for many. It is small, easy to use and simplistic and I was able to use the first time with no problems.
-- Jon

I would say this is a great vaporizer. The construction is solid and should not have breakage issues as other more complicated portable vapes have.

I fit mine in an eyeglass case with a zipper, it holds everything perfectly or it can easily fit into a pocket. I recommend grinding your herb fine.

Keep in mind this is not a desktop/home vaporizer such as PD, DBV, Vaporwarez, Vapor Bros, SSV etc. To think of it along those lines is to make an incorrect comparison.

In essence I insert battery wait a handful of seconds, less than five and take a slow long draw for 20 seconds or thereabouts, disconnect battery while still drawing to clear. Turn MB over to stop vaporizing and shake shake side to side to get herb back in trench, insert battery, and start cycle over rinse and repeat.

For those in the market for a quick inexpensive, functional, portable vaporizer that can be easily used in outdoor and indoor locations this little box just might be the magic you are looking for. It is with confidence that I recommend the Magic-Flight Launch Box.

-- Beezleb
YAY A NEW PORTABLE!! No more outdoor Vapor Genie since this thing is pretty much WINDPROOF -- a big plus.

Thank you for such a good product. You guys pulled it off I must say.

-- Anonymous
After several days of anticipation, my Launch Box arrived earlier today and I am very impressed with it. I love the small, discrete, natural looking design and I also like the nice words about love on the back. It's totally silent and leaves no odor behind, which, for a first-time vaporizer owner, is very nice. I even love the little pouch is comes with, making it much easier to carry all the Box gear together!

After trying out the Box with a couple friends, I'm amazed at how effective this little thing was. Between the amazing efficiency and all the other nice qualities (no smell, no smoke, healthier), Good bye smoking!

-- Steve1208
Mine came today. After 2 trenchfulls of fooling around with it, i have it figured out. I'm impressed ... it works better then expected! And yes you can pull some damm heavy clouds, if you leave the batt on for a bit. This little thing can be practically used anywhere, and without having to light something, even adds to its stealthiness.

I'm very happy i got it. Nice job Magic-Flight!

-- Gak Hater
Pics and videos do not do this thing justice -- it is ridiculously small -- I'm talking miniscule. I have run one trench so far and I think that it definitely lives up to my expectations.

I love this thing. I'm sitting in my office and I've been on the same battery for about 11 or 12 solid draws. I think there are a few more in there. I have got to say, this thing is super efficient. Slow and steady wins the race for Minnie (my launch box's new name -- I think it's fitting).

Minnie and I have spent the last 2 days together...and I am in love. This thing is great.

-- Pyronym
Ok -- so i tried it out tonight, and while I realize there its lots to learn about the simple device, I must admit I am very happy with my purchase.

I have really been looking for a vaporizer with this stealth. If I was in college this would be the shit to use.

In regards to stealth, portability and quick use, this thing is freaking awesome. There is a curve to learning it but thats no different than anything else.

-- Umpnum14
I just got my Box and PD both this weekend. The Box is the most superawsomecoolthingiveeverused! (sorry about the run on).

The Box works great. If you follow the directions to the T, and use a bit of common sense, one should have a good vaporizer session.

The buddy that told me about the Box let me vaporize a few trenches out of his Box before I bought mine. That closed the deal for me. I suggest though, following directions to the T.

Like others have said before on the FC forum..... a good investment would be some heavey duty re-chargeables and a rapid charger.

Im really enjoying this small wonder! and this is only my first 24 hrs with it.


-- Purplechango
I am the biggest PD fanatic around and thought I would never be impressed by a vaporizer again. This Box is amazing, nice visible vapor on my 1st draw ever.

I can load it up and ninja through an entire trench in probably 90 seconds.

Draw rate/temp control is awesome, I get a nice even brown every time, haven't scorched/combusted yet on this device.

Compared to the VG, it's much easier to use in every single aspect.

-- Chubba
Got my Launch Box today -- what a great little vape! Very well made, no learning curve.

I appreciate the easy draw compared to my Myrtlezap. Definitely a keeper.

-- Exdmd

Used it last night for my first time. Very interesting since this was my first vaporizer experience. I found the LB very cool and very well made and easy to use.

I got some visible vapor on most of my draws. Not a lot but I could see a little when I would exhale. Since this was my first time and I was not really sure what I was doing, I got about 6 or 7 ten to fifteen second slow draws out of it. Taking out the battery, shaking it, and tapping it in between each draw. Turned my load a dark brown almost black color.

Thanks MF for producing a great product.

Loving my Box. Used it for the second time today..... And all I can say is WOW WOW WOW

I feel after only my second time using the Box, It is easy to use and I feel like I have been using it for years. Excellent Item.

I normally don't write reviews unless I am really excited about a item and the people that make it. This is the first Vaporizer I have ever owned or used so I can't really compare to other Vape's but I did a lot of looking, reading and researching before I bought the Magic-Flight Launch Box.

Things I really like about the LB: Very small and stealth, price, easy to use and you can use just about anywhere. You are not tied down to a cord or a large unit that you have to sit on a table or a long wand or anything. For example, even just around your house you can slip in your pocket and use whenever you want.

Laying on the couch watching TV, out in the garage working, Sitting on the front porch enjoying the nice weather. Sitting on the toilet meditating. etc etc. So easy to use anywhere without that 'tied down feeling'. And don't even get me started on using the LB outside. Hiking, long walks, trips to the beach, snowboarding, those boring family reunions, Dave Matthews concerts, and the list goes on and on. Don't get me wrong, the larger home units are good in other areas like for large parties and if you have a lot of people over. But overall, you can't beat the price, ease of use, Stealth, and flexibility of the Magic-Flight Launch Box.

And on top of all that, the company that makes this product is top notch people who go out of their way to make sure their customers are happy.

And if you are one of those heavy all day users and the thought of having to use batteries turns you off, well the Company just announced they are coming out with a AC power cord attachment which will work with all existing and new LB's. So now you can have the best of both worlds (batteries or AC). If you are at all into Vaporizers or even like me just getting into them, you got to try the Magic-Flight Launch Box.

Enjoy your 'Magic-Flights' and remember to vape Responsibly.

-- Kuroth
I love my MF Box very much because it grants me the freedom to openly walk around my town and enjoy the delicious herbs that I love most without anyone else being the wiser to it. Can't do that sort of stuff with a bic!

I just can't get over how well it fits in my concealable and low key. I love it!

I gotta hand it to this works well. It gets the job done.

Had the best session in my life with the little LB this weekend. Some buddies and I hiked up a trail to overlook our town. The sights and the vapors made it one of the best session so far using the LB..

Thank you Magic-Flight for creating that priceless memory!

-- Hennessy1414
Im never going to be able to go without it!
-- Stan
Hello, My Launch Box arrived today. I unpacked and intuitively put a few crumbs of herbs in and tried it out.

WOW, I love it already!

I like everything about it. I can not emphasize enough how important it is to NOT have to be plugged in. Thanks for the great product.

-- Max
I got a II first and was floored with it, while its a true portable, it was not able (nor did I expect it to be able) to allow me to replace combustion completely, nor is it exactly ultra-stealth. I like it for in car use but wouldn't use it in public round people who shouldnt know because of the whooshing, even after you turn it off in a hurry, try covering the sound of several cycles worth of wooshing when someone interrupts you (or you get pulled over for that matter). No thanks.

Then, i got my Box. Less expensive, made in America (II is made in Ireland I believe, no problems with the fightin Irish and their quality goods) by a like minded group or individual who gets my dough, which I happen to like.

But that is minor in comparison to the advantages of the Box over the II. Including but not limited to soundless operation, near zero time to optimum heating is reached, super small size, and that it has singled box-edly (i dont know don't ask) replaced my custom glass as my main device just because it is such a good one, I shit you not.

I'll continue with little things, because those combined are what makes something truly good. a snowball effect if you will. I have spilled my II's bowl numerous times despite the fact that I am leery of it happening now, it's happened to others using my II with me too. I have never spilled herb from the Box, and I don't even use the rubber band for the top while it's in my pocket loaded or ever.

My II can definitely get quite warm, hot even to the touch, Box does not get anything over lukewarm to the touch.

I'd say one II bowl (I pack them fairly tightly) would be more than 1 trench, if only slightly. I think .5 of the II bowl is probably about right whereas .2-.3 is probably the Box capacity, and I pack the trench fairly tight too. Though these are of course general estimates. I don't own a PD so I dont exactly have a frame of reference as to what everyone here thinks is efficient but I consider the Box to be exceedingly efficient at delivering medicine. I love it, it's extraordinary, and I don't use either of those words lightly.

Customer Service!!! While I haven no exp with II's cs, I have gotten a replacement Box for my "malfunctioning" (in quotes because the problem was so minor) unit, and am still shocked that I did. Just had to edit and add this.

So my II's niche is small but there doubtless. I just fucking love my Box, I don't care what Hen says, plastic, butane, and goodness knows what else that takes time, makes sound, is larger, and more expensive, vs a simple battery powered circuit hand made wooden american craftsmanship, smaller and less expensive, but even more importantly than all of that, and this is serious here, a device orders of magnitude better at consistently delivering desired effects.

-- kingcrimson

The quality of the device itself is of a high standard, whoever built this knows what they are doing. It's hard to tell really but it seems to me like it will last for a long time. I find keeping the trench clean, and using about a half trench full of lightly packed fine herb works the best. I get visible vapour every time.

I always wanted to switch to vaping but was never able to due to the high cost of most devices and also the size. This one made it possible, and for that, Magic-Flight, I thank you. Good job well done.

-- johnny1980
My Box arrived and it is amazing. I love this machine.

I cannot praise the Box enough though. It's simple, yet effective design is amazing to see in action. Thanks Magic-Flight!

-- Jericho99
Got mine on Friday (5 days ago).

First Impression: Wow, this thing is tiny.

Vapor: on the lighter side, unless you leave the battery in for a while (though the taste can get iffy)

Stealth: Top notch. Flip the battery inside your pocket, press it in, count to 5, hand to mouth, inhale for 5-10s, back to pocket, flip the battery. I tested it out at Costco and the grocery store - completely silent, no smell (well, if I went for 10s there was a slight odor, but nothing that could be noticed more than a few feet away).

Tips that helped me the most:

- Fill it to just below the top of the trough.

- The short tube (or no tube) is the most stealth.

- Little rubber bands that come in the box are perfect for keeping it closed in your pocket or bag.

- If you get other rechargeable batteries, you only need to rip the top 1/3-1/2 of the label off.

Verdict: This is the 'Protopipe' of the 21st century - simple, compact, durable, self contained, travels well, silent and deadly like a ninja. Get one.

-- Shantytown007
Just got this thing about a week ago and have used it enough times now to comment.

It heats up in five seconds as advertised. If you have used other vapes and understand how to draw and control your draw, the learning curve is minimal. For those out there that say no visable vapor, I say whatever.... you're probably not going to get huge clouds, but it produces good vapor. Not as tasty as the PD in my opinion, but I didn't expect it to be a taste machine.

Bottom is at the right price point, and is a really good travel item. It heats up quickly and is stealthy, and produces good vapor. I couldn't see using it as my main device at home, but on the road there may not be anything better than this out there currently. My two cents.

-- Nobilo

Well I have been reading the FC thread for a long time and finally made the plunge and bought the Box on Wednesday. I only ordered the bare bone kit and a few extra whip pieces. They sent me a FREE BATTERY that was already fully charged!!! This was HUGE for me cause I was not expecting it until today and was gonna buy the charger this morning. So I had to try it out.

It is super small and stealth!!! I can't believe how small it is..... smaller than a business card..... I mean really small.... it's so awesome! Thanks Magic-Flight for making the best portable vaporizer out there!!! The Launch BOX is the BOMB!!!

-- Genedogg
I've had my LB for over a week and I love it! I get 50% extra use from my herb, and I have this great vaporizer I can use anywhere. Highly recommended!
-- VivaSativa

I love the fact that not only does Magic-Flight have some seriously excellent customer service, but they actually listen to their customers and constantly work at improving their products by incorporating ideas from others.

I know I sound like a sales person here but my PD and Extreme have both sat cold for months now and I use this little box as my main vaporizer at home and on the road because it just works so damn well. IMO [read my opinion], the Launch Box draws harder with the same amount of herbs than both the PD and Extreme. For some reason I feel like I am getting more out of my herb when using the Launch Box. The easy draw, simple breath control, quick start and finish and easy cleanup make it a pleasure to use.

-- DeepFried
I got my Box today and have already used it 5 times -- this little sucker does what they said it does. When I put the battery I wait like 5 seconds and start drawing slowly. I get nice taste and decent vapor. This little sucker will get lots of play time in the Bahamas!
-- buddhaholic420

It is small as shit! This thing just might get lost in my pocket!

I used it last night and really enjoyed it. I treated it a little like a Vapor Genie (VG) in that I kept stirring the herbs between draws. It's easy to stir with either a shake or a blow back into the chamber. This I like better than the VG because you can see your herb stirring and moving, getting into position for the next draw. I like the visual feedback. The ability to see the herb and move it like this (and it's size) just might put it at the front of my portable lineup.

As for use, it already has it's niche in my collection. If I want to vape in secret or quietly, such as in a bathroom or really anywhere, the Box can't be beat. I love so much about it...the wood smell, it's effectiveness, the stealth.

You've got to love Magic-Flight's attitude as a company. They are making a product that they believe in. If you want an itty-bitty, stealthy, effective vaporizer that is portable and elegant in it's design simplicity then the Box might be for you.

-- Stickstones
In celebration of 4/20, my mailbox contained a little box, in which was an even smaller little wooden box. Magic-Flight had mailed me a Launch Box!

It is really beautiful. It's tiny, about the size of a small box of wooden matches. Not significantly larger than two AA batteries sitting next to each other.

The left half of the Box is taken up by the chamber used to hold the screen (and your load), while the right half of the box holds the single AA NiMH battery used to heat the screen. The entire top of the Box is covered with a 1/4" plastic cover that is attached in one corner, and swivels out of the way to provide complete access to the chamber. The cover is held firmly in place, yet is trivially easy to slide out of the way.

Magic-Flight included two AA NiMH batteries which already had the wrapper removed for use with the Box. If you use your own batteries, you'll have to remove the outer wrapper before they'll work.

Filling up the bowl is easy and very secure.

You fire up the unit by pushing the AA battery all the way into the Box. You don't have to press and hold the battery in while using the Box.

I really like the operation the way it is - the battery is held pretty firmly in position. There is a down side to this though; you really must remember to slide the battery out a little when you're done.

You can travel with the battery completely removed (even if the bowl is full), or you can reverse the battery so it doesn't work electrically, but is held in place in it's spot in the Box. You could also travel with the battery inserted correctly, but not pushed in all the way, but this makes it all too easy to accidentally fire up the unit when it's in your pocket.

Before inserting the battery all the way, I sucked on the tube, and was astounded to see the air patterns in the bowl. The finely ground load swirled nicely around the bowl. Another big smile.

I take a draw, and everything is fine, sweet taste and WAY more vapor density than I expected. Nearly as much vapor density as I get with my Volcano. This is really great. Even after more bowlfuls, I still don't really ever see much vapor in the bowl.

The Box holds WAY more than one draw. I think of it as a three hitter to twelve hitter. If I fill the trench full, I get a dozen good draws, with the last draw or two not being very tasty. The last couple of draws actually seem to have more vapor density than the previous ones, probably due to my current technique which allows the screen to get hotter at the end. Interestingly enough, I don't get the "roasted popcorn" flavor at the end, just less good flavor and more grunge flavor. I'm a flavor kind of guy, so most of my experimenting was with a partial filling, about a third of the way full. This gives me three or four really good draws before the load appears to be done.

Speaking of which, the Box appears to do a good job of evenly extracting the good stuff. The load turns uniformly brown. If I pack a full load (12 draws worth), the outside does turn brown before the inside, but stirring between draws (either manually with a NON-SHARP tool, or by just inhaling too strongly through the tube, which stirs things up) takes care of keeping the flavor sweet though more than just the first draw.

It looks like a full load is going to be perfect when I want to share with a friend or two.

I FAR prefer the Launch Box. It has charm. It works better for my needs, whether I'm sharing with a friend or by myself. It's stealthy. It's easy to use. The Launch Box is nice to handle (it's a tiny package), easy to shake/stir, and easy to empty and clean.

The instructions say to only expect a bowlful or so per battery -- this is important!

I use the temperature of the stream to determine how hard and long to draw, and I don't miss not being able to see the vapor stream at all. I can tell if a battery is mostly depleted by noting how long it takes before the stream is warm. I use breath modulation to control the vapor density and temperature. Draw slowly as it's easy to inhale too rapidly and cool off the chamber to below the point you desire.

-- Haywood
I loaded the trench 1/2 (not sure how many grams)... 1 battery vaped 2 trenches completely (colour was dark brown)... I left the battery in the whole time... good for 4-5 good draws continuously (had someone with me)... my wife said it was like "magic"... after 5 seconds vapor started and after a few draws the herb looked spent... did another trench with the same battery and same results...

I am so glad I caught this product before buying the iolite (nothing against their product since I haven't used it) BUT what I do know is that for a fraction of the price I have something that completely does what I need it to do and does it well... I'm a huge fan of this product.... I have nothing against spending $250 on a solid product that works well (iolite) but I'm also one to not spend a penny over what is needed. For my needs this fits the bill perfectly.


I think this is a device that can develop a cult following..... i've been vaping in front of people and then afterwards I'd ask them if they smelled anything... people would be like 3 ft way (indoors most of the time)..... and the only smell they picked up on was the burnt popcorn when i was just trying to get the last vaporizer out near the end..... but before that they couldn't detect anything.... what i like most is the freedom of this thing.... it really is plug n play easy... reason why I did not want to get the Vapor Genie...

So a 10/10 for this product... the price point was perfect for me... it is an amazing piece of art.

Good job to the team of Magic-Flight and thanks to the FC board for pointing me in the right direction with the great user base.

-- Chloe
First impressions: WoW! This this is soooo tiny! It's smaller than I thought. That's a good thing. Great craftsmanship -- I love the design!

I used the Box for the first time last night. The Box is the bomb! I Like it!

-- Plasmah
I have had it for 4 weeks at least... I mostly use it on the run, but do sometimes use it for a quick one while at home.

Very small. Very quick. Very easy, once used several times. Use anywhere. Very little odor, I can't stress this enough. Good customer service. I love the Box.

Thanks for a neat little product and good customer service.

-- IAmKrazy2
Mini-Review after 1st use: The 1st time I put in the battery I got an ever so slight sign of vapor in the bowl after a few seconds and took a nice slow draw. Pulled the battery out a bit and stirred the load. Repeated this process a few times. It's like everyone says, there really is little to no visible vapor but the effects are definitely there...
-- josh
My LB arrived about an hour ago. Thanks to the FC thread, I got it right on my first trench. I very loosely filled it just below the ridge of the trench and got 4 or 5 very nice draws. I could have gotten more, but I like to leave a little love in my ABV. The first draw tasted amazing. The second pretty good. The rest, although they weren't as magical as the first, didn't taste bad, they just didn't taste like much.

I'm super impressed. It's sooooooo small. I'm going out to the bars tonight, I can't wait to blow my friends minds. They don't know I have it, or even what a LB is.

To no longer be tied to a wall outlet or the inverter that lives in my car's cigarette lighter is incredible.

-- B.
You have to get one of these if you are on the go, or like me, vaping all day at work. This is the one I'll be taking on those trips with the wife to go shopping. Very ninja. Awesome product from a great company!
-- sundaddy