What is the origin of the quote?

The basic concept was first presented in a rare book of natural philosophy called "The Foundations of an Applied Ontological Metaphysics". Fortunately, it was later reprinted in a work called "The Immanent Metaphysics" and then again in a shorter work called "The Effective Choice", all by the same author (Forrest Landry). Although there are many interesting and unusual concepts in these books, the aphorism on the back of the Launch Box is believed to be that 'one simple idea' whose time has come to create the next 'right step' in the evolution of human relationships.

Here at Magic-Flight, we have found this aphorism to be true, and as such, we have woven it into the fabric and foundation of our company. It is the one vibrant base from which all aspects of our operations grow. That quote -- the aphorism -- is our 'magic sauce' and our 'secret ingredient'. We measure our effectiveness by the degree to which others breathe easier in their lives because of the way in which we live in ours. We credit our success to a continuing and consistent effort at deepening our understanding and practicing the ideals expressed in that quote (and within those books). We believe that it is worth teaching. Over time, it is our hope that everyone will come to realize the amazing, life changing aspects of this approach, and in so becoming and practicing, so shall all of the life of this world thrive!

These and deeper understandings have given us the keys to effectively listen to the needs of our customers and to provide mutually beneficial goods and services in ever more socially and ecologically sustainable ways. Even the value of sustainability itself is a choice -- the choice to continue to create choice. As an expression of a deeper knowledge of what is important, all is embraced in the full implications of that aphorism. To truly understand the practice of loving well, and to live by that path, is perhaps the most ultimately meaningful thing that we as beings can do.

We view our diffuser as a manifestation and symbol of our love, enabling so many people to literally breathe easier every day. As such, The Launch Box is more a "publishing media" for the quote rather than the quote being something "added" to the Box. Which is greater: the idea OF the box, or the idea ON the Box? Either way, it works rather well!


All of our Magic-Flight kits are crafted by skilled, local artisans in San Diego, California. The Launch Box® diffuser is a green product sourced from natural and renewable materials. It is hand assembled in a 87 step production process using time-tested techniques and custom built tools. Each and every day, kit after kit, our brilliant team of artisans, scientists, and engineers achieve a high level of quality, accuracy, and excellence. This is the reason why we are able to offer our amazing and incomparable warranty for our vaporizers. It is our joy to serve you!

Why Magic-Flight?

Our name is an expression of an ideal; that we may influence the real world through our spirit (ie, to do 'magic') and our imagination (ie 'flight of fancy'). In other words, to conceive of something beautiful and then to make it happen in a practical way. To us, the name connotates a story of hope that the world will benefit through the goodness of our collective spirit, and that eventually, by valuing the awe and mystery of living (magic!) will grow beyond and completely exceed our own efforts -- to take flight beyond ourselves.

What does the symbol mean?


The Magic-Flight logo can be oriented in any direction and it combines several visual ideas, each of which expresses something of our core values:

  • a stylized M and F (relates to our company name).
  • a graphic representation of vapor emerging from the Box itself, (the crescent representing the screen the material sits in, the circle representing the load and/or the draw hole, and the squiggle being the vapor).
  • images representative of a person: a goddess with arms upraised (the value of the feminine, of goodness, and of mystery), the 'burning man' (a culture which has contributed a lot to our company -- we take a holiday so that our staff can attend), and/or someone taking a leap of faith (we are entrepreneurs, after all).

what others say

"The company that makes this product are top notch people who go out of their way to make sure their customers are happy.. With a great warranty!" --Hippychick


"Thanks for a neat little product and good customer service."


"You have to get one of these if you are on the go, or like me, vaping all day at work. This is the one I'll be taking on those trips with the wife to go shopping. Very ninja. Awesome product from a great company!"


"And the customer service at Magic-Flight is AWESOME SAUCE!"


"Great company, friendly customer service and warranty... it breaks they replace... what more do you need?"


"Great product. Gets the job done flawlessly. Very fair price. And a warranty with exceptional customer service."


"The added bonus is the stellar customer service. If your box breaks they send you a new one, no problem. They respond quickly, and genuinely care about their customer service."


"You've got to love Magic-Flight's attitude as a company. They are making a product that they believe in."
-- Stickstones

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