Tree of Life Laser Bare Box
Tree of Life Laser Bare Box Tree of Life Laser Bare Box Tree of Life Laser Bare Box

Tree of Life Laser Bare Box

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The Tree of Life is a motif that has been used in religion, philosophy, mythology, and popular culture around the world since ancient times. It is a symbol of immortality, infinite interconnectedness, wisdom, and life-nourishment. Even today, it is referenced by many artists, and it even represents the scientific organization of evolutionary relationships between all living organisms.


Our specific Tree of Life is derived from Kabbalah, a mystical faction of Judaism, in which it represents the process by which the Universe was created an humankind's place within it. The Flower of Life, in addition to the eleven aspects of spirituality, applies to the Self, as we consciously absorb the infinite energy of the Universe and channel it to our own finite physical entity. When one experiences this condensed energy, he or she is able to transform from a subconscious human to a fully realized Higher Self.


Please note: this is a special product offering for connoisseurs that already own a complete Launch Box kit. This offering does not include a Tin, Batteries, Charger, or Cleaning Brush.




Tree of Life Laser Bare Box Kit includes:


     - One Maple, Cherry or Walnut Tree of Life Laser-Etched Launch Box
     - Glass draw stem
     - Flight Guide
     - Lifetime Functional Warranty (click here for details)

Handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA


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