Star Knot Laser Bare Box
Star Knot Laser Bare Box Star Knot Laser Bare Box Star Knot Laser Bare Box

Star Knot Laser Bare Box

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The Star Knot is a fusion of both Middle Eastern and Celtic symbolism. Its most recognizable aspect, the Hexagram, is best known as a symbol of Jewish identity and divine protection, but it also represents the masculine and feminine, humankind's position between earth and sky, and the consciousness of love in all aspects of life. The Celtic influence on the Star Knot represents the duality of our being, and since, at first glance, one cannot see a beginning or an end, this symbol serves as a reminder of the timeless nature of one's spirit. Furthermore, just as the Hexagram’s six points are believed to show divine rule over the Universe in all six directions – north, south, east, west, up, and down – the six Celtic hearts symbolize the love that surrounds us. The Star Knot's infinite nature allows you to meditate on the endless love on this earth that is directed toward you, and helps facilitate your choice to share this compassion with others.


Please note: this is a special product offering for connoisseurs that already own a complete Launch Box kit. This offering does not include a Tin, Batteries, Charger, or Cleaning Brush.




Star Knot Laser Bare Box Kit includes:


     - One Maple, Cherry or Walnut Star Knot Laser-Etched Launch Box
     - Glass draw stem
     - Flight Guide
     - Lifetime Functional Warranty (click here for details)

Handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA

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