Nautilus Laser Bare Box
Nautilus Laser Bare Box Nautilus Laser Bare Box Nautilus Laser Bare Box

Nautilus Laser Bare Box

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Have you ever noticed that the more fully one looks into something, the more it seems there is to see? Is what we find there something that already was, or is it that the act of looking itself is the means by which it is created? In either case, the action of curiosity and creativity will forever go hand in hand. Our exploration of the effects of combining organic and inorganic spiral forms continues to yield unexpected results. We were pleasantly surprised to find that a large, central curve matching spiral, when augmented by segments of smaller spirals defined using the Golden Mean Ratio, yields the appearance of the familiar form of a 500 million year old nautilus shell. Was the Nautilus Launch Box created, or was it discovered?


Please note: this is a special product offering for connoisseurs that already own a complete Launch Box kit. This offering does not include a Tin, Batteries, Charger, or Cleaning Brush.




Nautilus Laser Bare Box Kit includes:


     - One Maple, Cherry or Walnut Nautilus Laser-Etched Launch Box
     - Glass draw stem
     - Flight Guide
     - Lifetime Functional Warranty (click here for details)

Handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA

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