Balancing Bleus Herbal Blend
  This magical herbal blend will arouse your senses and heighten your dreams. Balancing Bleus introduces itself with a gentle, sweet flavor, then harmonizes with the softly invigorating tang of eucalyptus. The addition of Damiana makes for a mood-enhancing aphrodisiac. With calming effects to the body and breath, this blend encourages relie... (Click for More Details)
Feelin' Fine Herbal Blend
  This herbal blend encourages your being to revive its natural harmony. Crisp and clearing to the lungs and sinuses, Peppermint prepares your senses for the rich flavors of Lavender and Lemon Balm. Acting as a mild dilator for the bronchi, Feelin' Fine can be especially beneficial to those with mild asthma. This herbal combination acts as ... (Click for More Details)
Revitalizing Herbal Blend
  Restoring and invigorating, this robust herbal blend leads with the essence of Lavender. The aromas and flavors can help you feel yourself again by calming your nerves. It is a valuable blend to help overcome all types of stress-related conditions and renew your emotional equilibrium. Revitalizing can also help in treating tension headach... (Click for More Details)
Sweetly Calming Herbal Blend
    This herbal blend has a gentle, balmy flavor that coaxes the sinuses to clear, making way for subtle aromas that will warm the throat and chest. This blend may help balance hormonal swings in men and women; it is also a beneficial blend for those trying to kick the smoking habit. Sweetly Calming has excellent relaxing and warmin... (Click for More Details)
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