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Bottle Rocket



Since its launch in December, the UFO (Unnamed Filtration Object) has received a great deal of acclaim, and is now one of our hottest-selling items. Thus, as is quite customary here at Magic-Flight, we were inspired to explore the idea even further. While the UFO pairs perfectly with a pint glass, we wondered if the same concept might generalize to other vessels – specifically, those of the bottle variety. After weeks of toil and tinker, we are now proud to introduce our newest addition to the Flight Essential family: the Bottle Rocket.


Crafted from Walnut, silicone and acrylic, this stylish new accessory takes stealth and portability to a whole new level. It pairs easily with most narrow-neck bottles, including plastic water bottles, soda bottles, and most glass bottles, thus reducing the chances of spillage or breakage on the go. Also, at first glance, the Bottle Rocket resembles a fancy cork or wine stopper, making it seemingly benign to the untrained eye. However, once this modular device is fully assembled and hooked up to your favorite Launch Box or Muad-Dib, you can launch from a bottle anytime, anywhere!




Your purchase includes:


     - One Walnut Bottle Rocket (2 1/2” length, 3/4” to 1” inner bottle-neck diameter)

     - One silicone whip (18” length)

     - One short acrylic draw stem (2 1/2” length)

     - One long, non-perforated acrylic stem (4 3/8” length )

     - Two perforated acrylic down-stems (3” length & 4 1/2” length)

     - One silicone coupler (1” length)

     - Instructions

     - Velvet storage pouch


Handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA




*Because the Bottle Rocket is brand-spanking-new and still in its alpha-testing phase, your input is very important to us. Therefore, we encourage all who try it out to please submit responses with constructive feedback to our Customer Support Team.

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