Lava Tube
Lava Tube Lava Tube

Lava Tube


The Lava Tube is an accessory to be used with your Muad-Dib or Launch Box. Designed to be an aesthetically pleasing display instrument that allows one to view how much vapor is passing through the tube, this device is also compatible with other M-F products making it a perfect fit for the Magic-Flight connoisseur.


The Lava Tube kit includes:


- 2 gold batteries

- Cardboard tube (for glass) & Tin

- Glass w/ Shroud

- 2 laser blocks

- 2 18” black whips


Lifetime Functional Warranty

Handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA


*Please note that this product is brand new to Magic-Flight, and is currently in the alpha testing phase. As such, this product does not come with a battery charger at this time, and is primarily intended for those of you who already have a Launch Box or Muad-Dib kit. However, if you are new to Magic-Flight and still want to give this product a try, you can purchase the necessary battery charger here.

We'd be more than happy to hear your thoughts and experiences with the new Lava Tube. Please send feedback to our Customer Support team once you've had the chance to try it out, and they'll pass along any input that may contribute to making this product the best it can be. Welcome to the alpha team!




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