Alpha Products

Capillary Wand
The Capillary Wand is the ideal accessory for the concentrate enthusiast. Designed to easily pick up small amounts of concentrate material through capillary action, the Capillary Wand will leave you with less mess and less wasted material by taking the struggle out of handling concentrates.   Capillary Wand kit includes:   - C... (Click for More Details)
Lava Tube
The Lava Tube is an accessory to be used with your Muad-Dib or Launch Box. Designed to be an aesthetically pleasing display instrument that allows one to view how much vapor is passing through the tube, this device is also compatible with other M-F products making it a perfect fit for the Magic-Flight connoisseur.   The Lava Tube kit inc... (Click for More Details)
Launch Tube, Model- T
Almost a decade ago the Launch Tube, Model-T was conceived, designed and built before the Original Maple Launch Box was even a design concept. Working alone in a small attic back in 2008 (before Magic-Flight was a company), fewer than 100 Launch Tube, Model- T's were built by company founder and original Magic-Flight artisan, Forrest Landry. &n... (Click for More Details)
Argonaut Column Vape
The Argonaut Column Vape is an exclusive item available to Magic-Flight connoisseurs only. The Argonaut was designed as a hand held dabbing device with the idea that you do not need to use much, the recommended dose being 5mg. Argonaut Column Vape kit includes: - Base - Glass - Plunger - Dab Spoon - Tweezers - 2 Gold Batteries... (Click for More Details)
Orion Project
The Orion Project is a social instrument designed for use with finely ground herbal material. When momentary power is applied it causes the entire volume of herbal material to volatilize in one shot. Recommended for multiple draws, share it with your friends or take a powerful solo flight!   The Orion Project kit includes: - Wood Ba... (Click for More Details)
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