"Tiny Book of Essential Wisdom"
"Tiny Book of Essential Wisdom" "Tiny Book of Essential Wisdom"

"Tiny Book of Essential Wisdom"



The “Tiny Book of Essential Wisdom” is just one of three publications on the nature of reality, written by philosopher and Launch Box inventor, Forrest Landry. This book contains ideas known to be of maximum significance, value, and usefulness. They are presented with the intention of enabling the reader to lead a more meaningful, beautiful, healthy, and high-quality life. To provide the greatest possible value, this book has been formatted as a series of aphorisms.


An aphorism is a short, precise statement of an essential principle or truth. Individual aphorisms allow an emphasis on clarity in a minimum of text. Each individual aphorism is intended to be a basis for deep, reflective consideration. As such it is better to read a little bit at a time, on some consistent interval, than to read many pages in one sitting. It is also good practice to meditate for a short interval both before and after reading any portion of this book. Such meditation will reveal insights into aspects and concepts which (for brevity) are merely implied.




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