Rocktopus Solo Box
Rocktopus Solo Box Rocktopus Solo Box Rocktopus Solo Box

Rocktopus Solo Box

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Throw them in the fish and see if it oceans.” ~ Anonymous


Think of your mind as an ocean of creativity, vast and incredibly deep, some parts of which have yet to be explored. Ideas come in waves, bringing forth abounding sea life, each fish or plant a different thought. As we pass the beach where the water rises, we dive in through the crashing waves and begin our descent, swimming eagerly toward that deep, dark, blue unknown.


While swimming in this ocean of limitless intellectual possibilities, one of our artisans discovered yet another way in which our company stands apart from others: comprehension of seeming inanity. All too often, we catch ourselves saying, “I have no idea what you just said, but strangely, it makes sense.”


In a company such as this, there are times when departments work autonomously from one another, much like the legs of an octopus, each operating separately with what seems to be a mind of its own, yet all part of one body. However, it is quite common at Magic-Flight for our artisans to shift from one department to the next, utilizing whichever skills are needed at any given time. Such versatility in skill set is not unlike how the tentacles of an octopus work. Thus, in this regard, we could not have selected a more fitting creature to represent our artisans' diverse capabilities and how they all come together to form something great.


Octopi are quite mysterious, both in life and in legend. They are highly intelligent creatures, known to use shells as tools for mobility and shelter. Also famed as skillful escape artists, octopi have been witnessed slithering out of their own tanks in a seemingly-effortless and hypnotizing display. Furthermore, their tentacles can even perform tasks for which we humans often need tools, such as removing screws or plugs. Such fascinating creatures as they are, it is no wonder why they have acquired lead roles in nautical tales worldwide. Most commonly known as the Giant Squid or Kraken, exaggerated versions of the octopus have become the stuff of myth. One of the earliest documentations of such creatures is an old Icelandic Saga entitled Örvar-Odds, which dates back to the late 13th century. In this tale, the heroes sailed through the Greenland Sea, where they encountered two giant sea creatures, one of which was named Hafgufa, meaning “sea mist”. Over time, myth made its way into the scientific community when the Kraken was classified as a cephalopod by Carolus Linnaeus in 1735.


From octopus to sea monster, thought to thought, idea to creation, our minds are an ocean of fact and fiction. Thus is the inspiration for our newest addition to the Artisan Collection, Rocktopus, named in honor of its creator, the aforementioned artisan who made this most recent discovery. Just as we encourage our artisans to explore the octopus-like nature of Magic-Flight, we encourage you to explore your own multifaceted abilities. What will you discover in your ocean?


Please note: this is a special product offering for connoisseurs that already own a complete Launch Box kit. This offering does not include a Tin, Batteries, Charger, or Cleaning Brush.




Rocktopus Solo Box includes:


     - One Maple, Cherry or Walnut Rocktopus Laser-Etched Launch Box
     - Glass draw stem
     - Flight Guide
Lifetime Functional Limited Warranty (click here for details)

Handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA

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