Ditsky Artisan Solo Box

Ditsky Artisan Solo Box


Designed by our very own talented artisan, Ken Elvidge, Magic Flight brings you this sleek and elegant handcrafted Launch Box. The design oozes with originality and natural beauty. This functional art piece is the perfect gift that you’ve been waiting for -- for yourself, a friend, or a loved one.


The next generation Elvidge Line Launch Box combines our three staple hardwoods: Maple, Cherry, and Walnut.  In this particular design, the woods are joined together vertically using woodworking techniques which result in uniquely layered patterns. Magic Flight has always prided itself in world class craftsmanship, and this unit is truly a classic. 


Ken Elvidge is a native of Vancouver, Canada and has been experimenting with wood for 40 years. In his free time, Ken enjoys a good cigar, making amazing cabinets, and walking his dogs. 


The Elvidge Line is at present a limited run and there are only 200 units being produced of each style. 


The Ditsky Elvidge Line Solo Box includes:


 - One Ditsky Launch Box

-  One Glass Draw Stem

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