Cherry Molecule Solo Box

Cherry Molecule Solo Box


Magic-Flight has always been a big supporter of, and enthusiast for, local and international artists. Recently, we had been toying with the idea of collaborating with select artists from around the world for fresh and unique laser designs to apply to our Launch Boxes. Thus, it was rather serendipitous that an incredibly talented freelance artist in the UK, Matt Manson, reached out to us with a few design ideas of his own. He had expressed interest in working with a company such as ours, and an appreciation for our “outside of the box” way of doing business. His apparent desire to create beautiful, functional art seemed very in-tune with our own methods, and upon viewing his portfolio, excitement ensued. Within seconds, we could see how harmoniously Manson's artistic style would fit perfectly with our Launch Box's natural composition.


Manson's “Molecule” design, a unique expression of chemistry in geometric form, seemed the perfect choice for our first collaborative artistic endeavor. He described his inspiration for this particular design as follows:


I wanted to do something a little more geeky and scientific. I use hexagons a lot in my patterns... Whilst looking at a hexagon, I started to think about molecule structures and how they use hexagons to draw their diagrams...” In regard to the particular molecule that inspired this design, Manson added, “What I like about it is the subtlety of the reference that has been built into an eye-catching, futuristic design.”


In addition to this being our first collaboration with an artist from beyond Magic-Flight's walls, this particular piece is also the first of its kind in an obvious and mesmerizing way – it's face-engraved! Once we had decided on Molecule, we experimented with a few different applications. When one of our artisans suggested we apply the pattern onto the wood, we could immediately envision the beauty that would result from yet another journey outside the box. The visual effect that the laser created in the wood is truly spectacular, facilitating a vibrant, multi-dimensional contrast between the wood's layers.


Available in Cherry, the Molecule Launch Box also features our signature Magic-Flight glyph on the exterior side of the lid, which allows for a dazzling, holographic effect. 


Many thanks to our first external artistic collaborator, Matt Manson, for his beautiful addition to the Magic-Flight Launch Box collection. To see more of Manson's work, visit his portfolio at



Molecule Launch Solo Box includes:


     - One Cherry Face-Engraved Molecule Launch Box

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