Kaleidoscope Draw Stem
Kaleidoscope Draw Stem Kaleidoscope Draw Stem Kaleidoscope Draw Stem

Kaleidoscope Draw Stem



We Magic-Flighters use many high-tech machines to produce our work, including lasers, CNC plasma cutters, and may other such computer-programmed devices. When releasing the original Pragmatism stems, we spoke of using concentric circles which make up the Flower of Life design, one of the most challenging patterns to create on our machines. Thus, when testing our tools' capabilities in agility and consistency, the Flower of Life has been our go-to for quite some time. It really is no wonder why we appreciate the design's pragmatic uses as well as its more esoteric side.


Our newest addition to the custom draw stem line is the result of further exploration; conceiving and testing new ideas, with new materials and new designs. Trading circles for other geometric shapes, our musing on quasi-crystalline forms resulted in a mesmerizing, pentagonal-tessellation design. This time, we have lovingly masked and sandblasted our new design onto a glass draw stem.


This stem not only offers a hypnotizing, kaleidoscopic effect when held toward light and slowly twirled between one's fingers. It also offers yet another way to make your vaping experience more stylish and fun when put to its more practical use. Enjoy!




Your purchase includes:


     - One Kaleidoscope glass draw stem


Handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA

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