Frequently Asked Questions

About Maintaining the Launch Box® Vaporizer

How should I clean my Box and parts?

The Box shouldn't require much maintenance or cleaning if you brush it out after each load. This technique has been proven to work well:

  • 1 With the cover open, turn the Box over and dump whatever residue is left after your last vaping session (the 'ABV').
  • 2 Make sure the screen is cool, then brush gently.
  • 3 Blow against the screen to remove any remaining dust.

Remember to do this after every load.

It is okay to use isopropyl alcohol to clean the draw tube accessory, as long as you do not leave it in the alcohol for too long (minutes are fine; hours are not good). One good method is to use a regular pipe cleaner soaked in ISO to clean the acrylic draw tube, and then allow it to dry.

It's also okay to wipe down the outside of the Box with a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner (perhaps a drop of dishwashing liquid) but remember how you use it. If you do use a soap make sure you don't get it inside the heating chamber, and of course don't leave residue on the areas that you put in your mouth.

Is it okay to run the Box with an empty trench to burn off any residual particles that the brush misses to keep it clean?

Yes that is fine. Just be sure that the battery does not get too hot -- do not leave it in too long (ie, not more than 60 seconds).

How long can the Box run non-stop before something "bad" happens?

Until the battery runs out. Leaving the battery in overlong could potentially overheat the battery, but will not damage the Box. The taste might change somewhat.

Does the mesh come off if heated for too long?

No. The bonding energy is *much* higher than the operating energy. There are no situations where the bonding is at risk from overheating with time and a battery. The main concerns with the screen are mechanical (pulling, tearing, puncture, etc.).

Is it ok to blow back into the Launch Box® vaporizer to clear all the spent material?

Yes. The screen is not that fragile -- you can use the brush too. Opening the Box lid and blowing directly into it sharply is usually enough to clear everything. Magic-Flight emphasizes the screen in the instructions as there are some purchasers who are less than mechanically adept and need to be told -- else they will likely damage the screen.

Won't a screen this fine get clogged?

The screen tends to not clog because it does not act as a condensation surface -- in fact, it is a significant aspect of the Box design to avoid the possibility of condensation to the largest extent possible. Due to the inherent distribution of heat, the screen is unlikely to clog as in other devices because it is never colder than the loaded material, even after months of usage. Naturally, this makes maintaining the Box easier.

I want to clean the bars running along the top of the trench (or the area under the screen) but I am afraid to even try scraping them for fear I'll damage the screen, what to do?

Before you start, bear in mind that cleaning these areas is cosmetic only. Build-up on the bars and under the screen do not affect the operation of the Box. Like with most grinders, there is an initial buildup in some areas which eventually stabilizes, and then it becomes just "part of the operation" -- material is neither lost nor gained. Magic-Flight generally recommends that people leave them be and concentrate on maintaining the aesthetics of the exterior wood. If you still feel compelled to clean, proceed at your peril.

First, the bars: heat does help to soften the residue so insert a battery for 10-15 seconds with an open cover and empty trench. Soak the brush in isopropyl alcohol and then brush the bars clear while hot, but make sure to keep the brush bristles at least damp with alcohol while doing this. Note that the mesh is bent over the bars, therefore the area you are brushing is probably the weakest part of a delicate screen.

Under the screen: scraping is really the only option, but a small slip can ruin your screen. Cleaning under the screen is neither necessary nor advisable, so there are no recommended tools or techniques.

The Plexiglas cover is starting to get grungy on the inside just over the trench, how can I clean it?

Open the Box and turn it over. Place the cover on a sturdy flat surface. Apply a light coating of toothpaste, just enough to cover the dirty area. Use an old toothbrush or even a paper towel to rub gently in a circular motion until the cover is clean. Be careful not to apply pressure in a way that could snap the cover. Rinse with a little water. (Most people aren't aware that toothpaste contains a fine abrasive that is excellent for cleaning Plexiglas. It will even remove fine scratches.)

My screen started to come loose, can I fix it?

Go ahead and try to tuck it back. (A flat wooden toothpick is a good tool for this). If you have any troubles and/or are unable to close the gap (i.e., if material ends up below the screen), just send Magic-Flight a private note with your address and Box number and they will send you a functional warranty replacement unit.

I lost/broke my draw stem, what can I do?

You can order a new one at the Online Store.

My (former) friend let some material combust in the Box, what should I do?

One thing you might try to remove any residual smells is to clean the Box as best you can with the provided brush and some isopropyl alcohol (not much, do not dunk the Box or let ISO soak into the wood) and with it empty and the lid open, put the battery in with firm contact for not more than 60 seconds. Check the battery from time to time to ensure that it is not getting too hot -- i.e., don't let it get any hotter than a fresh cup of coffee.

Another trick you might try (after the above) is to blow a lot of warm air through the Box (lid open again) with a hair-drier. If you try this be very sure that the lid is completely open and as far from the hot air stream from the hair-drier as possible (else the cover will soften and distort shape). A couple of minutes of this treatment should be plenty, if it is needed at all.

Also, a certain amount of screen discoloring is normal and probably does not require cleaning -- the Box was designed to not really need it.