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Balance Point

The Autumnal Equinox signifies our transition
into the Fall season. The three astrological
sun signs that comprise this season are:

Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

The Equinox greets us as the Sun enters
the constellation of Libra. Cooler days give way
to longer nights as Mother Nature exhales a deep
sigh of relief from the intensity of the summer heat,
content to ready herself to shake off her leaves as
she eases into a period of conservation.

Yet before she begins to release and let go
after the rapid activity and growth during
the warmer months, Mother Nature is poised and
graciously offers a point of equality between
day and night... light and dark... hot and cool.
We honor this time and the opportunity to
pause, observe and reflect what in our own lives
may be beneficial to be released or shed to come
into greater equanimity and balance within
ourselves and with each other.

Coinciding with the Equinox of Autumn,
this energy initiates the Libra archetype of
equanimity, balance and equality. Libra is
the seventh of the twelve signs of the zodiac and
marks a turning point: while the first six signs
of the zodiac focus on the individual, the last six
focus on the individual’s contact and connection
with others and with the world.

We celebrate all Libras out there and wish
each of you a very happy birthday!!

Symbol: Scales of Justice
Element: Air
September 23-October 22

Through your deep desire to relate and
to connect through your generosity and
thoughtful understanding, you are the
Romantics of the Zodiac. You
are a powerhouse who embodies
harmony, justice, elegance and equality.
We admire how you thrive in social situations
as your charming, graceful and fair nature
comes out to play. We enjoy the many
lenses in which you view the world, seeking
fairness while weighing what is balanced and
measuring what is correct with what is not.
We admire your willingness to initiate
compromise and the importance you place
on others, which reminds us that when
we prioritize amicability and
aim for fairness we are empowered to
value solutions that are beneficial for all!


This newest star in our
Zodiac Magic Collection
boldly presents the ‘Scales of Justice’
frosted across the cover and the laser-etched
Libra symbol on the face of the Box.
Your LIBRA Launch Box is your ally
as you balance your time between
nurturing connection at home and enjoying
great company and conversation
while out-on-the-town.

Choose Love
Be Well
Savor each Magical Moment
And, as always...
Enjoy Your Flight!

With love,
Your Flight Crew