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The New Year is unfolding...

...and we are excited to share our newest star!

Love is definitely in the air!

Magic Flight is pleased to introduce
the all new AIRomantic Incense Burner,
the only handheld, noncombustible Incense Burner
with adjustable heat. This is an absolute GO
with the Flight Crew! We love this addition
to our constellation.

The AIRomantic was designed to conserve
your supply of precious aromatics and Agarwood
and is an amazing way to release
the PURE essence of fine incense. It’s
quick! No waiting, no charcoal smoke
or fumes, no clean up, and no flame.

The AIRomantic Incense Burner Package includes
a Power Adapter 2.1, Signature Magic Flight felt lined
tin, curved metal tweezers, natural
bristle brush for cleaning, brass spoon
for scooping incense, and pre-cut
foils in a container ready for use.

Why we love it?

The AIRomantic heats almost instantaneously,
producing plentiful plumes of herbal essence
without burning. Infuse your direct surroundings
with rich fragrance without filling the space
with invasive smoke. Easily adjust the
temperature and simply turn off with the
release of a button, which gives you
total control of your aromatic experience.

The AIRomantic will clear and revitalize
your environment to bring an air of inspiration
to your work or creative space.
To cultivate romance, share your AIRomantic fragrance
in an intimate setting to enhance the senses.

Get your AIRomantic Incense Burner
and instantly transform any space.
Enjoy an AIR of Romance wherever you go.

NOTE: This is NOT a Launch Box. This is NOT an inhalation vaporizer but does vaporize incense and herbal material for fragrance enjoyment ONLY.

Choose Love. We are all connected. Be Well.

With Love,
Your Flight Crew



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