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A New Year in the Age of Aquarius

As the first full moon of 2021 rises on the
horizon, we embrace illumination, open our minds
and hearts to bright and fresh perspectives, brilliant
new connections, and expansion. Collectively we
tune in around the world during this potent season
as we approach the ancient celebrations of
Imbolc and the Chinese New Year.

Amidst the depths of winter, typically
the coldest point of the year, we fan the
flames of our Inner Light as new potential
vibrates beneath the surface. A time to plant
powerful seeds of intention. The promise of new
life stirs us to new aspirations, the exploration
of new ideas, and unique collaborations.

Delightful surprises are waiting for you as
Magic Flight celebrates twelve years of crafting
artisan-made products for those who choose to
vape responsibly and value the purity of Magic Flight’s
organic products and the benefits of long lasting,
high quality craftsmanship.

Now let’s go RETRO...

featuring resurrected OG Magic Flight Cover Designs
constructed of our original Maple hardwood, the strongest
wood we offer. These are functional and handsome yet
are being discontinued to make way for other products.
We offer these Maple delights to you at a special
retro price, as is, without a warranty.

Each vaporizer comes clipped to a heavy duty,
retractable clip holder with a retractable extension
to keep your Box stealthy yet handy on-the-go.

Returning Star

A star of the Magic Flight Galaxy has re-emerged,
the MD Vaporizer for Concentrates is now available
in a few different options: the MD, MD Noir and MD Beta.
These vaporizers are all specifically designed for use with hemp
or cannabis concentrates ONLY
and includes a handsome
Draw Whip to cool the vapor stream for optimal enjoyment.

The MD Vaporizer’s robust patented technology and solid
construction is crafted from a single piece of hardwood with pure
stainless solder, no heavy metals, no plastic internal
parts, no moving parts…Clean and Simple.

The stylish cover swivels open and features an optical grade,
magnification lens with brass fittings. This handsome
piece is rugged and ready to go on-demand.

MD Vaporizer
Constructed of rich walnut hardwood, the bowl hole is has
a brass cup inset and comes with a removable screen.
The MD Vaporizer is stylish and highly effective.

MD Noir
Constructed of maple hardwood and dyed ebony black with
non-toxic India ink. The bowl hole is lined with a brass
cup and comes with a removable screen.
~ Available while supplies last ~

MD Beta
Constructed of maple hardwood and dyed ebony black with
non-toxic India ink. The bowl hole is wood and not brass lined,
and comes with a fixed screen. This screen however can be
removed and MD Replacement Screens can be used.
There is no functional difference between
the MD Beta and MD Noir but is
available at a sweeter price point!
~ Available while supplies last ~

Each MD Vaporizer has a laser-etched
unique aphorism on the back:

"Intimacy Implies Loyalty"

As we authentically connect with others
sharing our true selves, being witnessed and
allowing others to do the same, we naturally build
a deeper level of understanding, acceptance and
trust in one another cultivating the essence
of collaboration and interdependence.

Happy Imbolc!
Happy Chinese New Year!

United in Love!
Be Well
Savor Magical Moments
Enjoy your Flight

With Love,
Your Flight Crew