Vaporizer Lifetime Functional Warranty

Magic-Flight grants to all purchasers of the Launch Box and Muad-Dib vaporizers a LIMITED Lifetime Functional Warranty for all Box units*. Your Launch Box or Muad-Dib carries a unique serial number, altering or removing this number renders the warranty completely void. All accessories included in the standard MFLB kit are covered under warranty for the first three months after the date of purchase.

*Additionally, please make note that the orange indicator light inside each Box is designed to guide you towards your perfect session and will not last forever; therefore this is the one component of your Box that cannot be covered under the Lifetime Functional Warranty. This light will stop working eventually due to the hotter-than-average environment and sharp temperature changes that it endures. Once you have perfected your technique with the Box, your use of the light will no longer be needed. Muad-Dibs are not equipped with an indicator light.

Warranty does not cover lost, stolen, defaced, or willfully damaged units. Warranty also does not cover units with the serial number sanded off or not visible. Shipping charges may apply.

* When a warranty claim is received for a Launch Box or Muad-Dib made in limited quantities, such as items purchased through our website’s Artisan Collection, all warranties will be fulfilled with a Launch Box or Muad-Dib of equal retail value.

For questions about our warranty service and for vaporizer warranty service, please follow the link below:

Click here to contact us.

Is the vaporizer warranty transferable?

Yes. The warranty applies to whomever is the current owner/user of the Box. Each Launch Box and Muad-Dib has a unique serial number. The warranty is transferable as long as that particular serial number has not been previously warrantied. Each warranty replacement box that is issued contains a new unique serial number. As a company we track the history of each serial number that is issued and will know if someone is attempting to warranty the same serial number twice.

Once a warranty claim has been approved it is our policy to send out the replacement box along with directions on sending the old box back. We do this as a convenience to our Launch Box and Muad-Dib owners so that they will be without their box the least amount of time possible. It is a courtesy to them, it is also a matter of good faith and trust that they will return the used box back to us. If a Launch Box or Muad-Dib owner submitted a warranty claim with us, but instead of sending their old Box back, they elected to sell it to you instead, they are in violation of their lifetime functional warranty.

If you purchase a used box, and it has already been warrantied before, this renders the warranty invalid for both boxes. We do not recommend purchasing used units, buy used units at your own risk. If you must buy used, only buy used units from people you trust or personally know. If you are purchasing a used unit but aren’t sure about it’s warranty status, you may email us with the serial number and we will verify it’s validity for you.

What can void the warranty?

Removing the screen, or dismantling the Box before submitting a claim is considered willful damage which voids the warranty. If you notice any damage to your screen, or any functional issues with the unit, please submit a warranty claim first.

For more infortmation on the Limited Lifetime Warranty click here.

So with this warranty, if my Launch Box or Muad-Dib vaporizer breaks a year from now, the warranty will still cover it? What if it breaks 20 years from now?

Yes, we really do mean it -- if you contact us in 20 years with a broken Box, we will issue a replacement. The standard assumptions apply -- that we still exist, etc. Contacting us by email is probably the most reliable means of communication. We do try to answer everything within one business day, but allow us at least 2 in case it gets really busy.

Instead of warranty replacement, can Magic-Flight repair my customized/exotic wood Box?

Not all problems are repairable, however Magic-Flight will work to issue as near an equivalent a replacement as is available in such cases. To repair a unit that has had artistic embellishments or for special woods, you will have to send an email with a description of the problem (pictures recommended), the box serial number, and the postal return address, indicating clearly that this is to be a unit repair, rather than a warranty replacement. If Magic-Flight accepts that repair, rather than replacement, is the best option, they will provide instructions for packaging and returning the unit to the factory. Typically, for all returned units the screen must be completely removed, the wood cleaned as best as possible, and then the Box must be securely and completely wrapped in foil and sealed in a zip lock bag. It is important that the email correspondence with the return address be included in the return package so that Magic-Flight's staff can track it more easily. Depending on the nature of the repair, it could take up to 4 weeks to process it and send it back.

Will a camera really be required for me to complete my warranty claim?

Yes! We require two photos during the warranty process. The first is of the back of the Box showing the serial number. The second photo is of the issue you are having with your Box. Any camera will work for these pictures as long as it can produce a clear, non blurry photo. Most modern camera phones will be able to produce an acceptable photo. If a photo you submit is not clear, you will be asked to reshoot the photos. If you do not own a camera, you must make arrangements to borrow one when submitting your warranty claim.

Where can I get more information?

To read our complete limited lifetime warranty and return policy for the Magic-Flight Launch Box and Magic-Flight Muad-Dib, click here.