Table of Modality Correspondences

Note: Some of these correspondences are context dependant and will shift depending on the mode of consideration.

Transcendent Immanent Omniscient
. real reality
acceptance intensity sincerity
aesthetics . ethics
antecedent . consequent
anticipation satisfaction realization
art . philosophy
associative . logical
asymmetric . symmetric
attack . defense
attenuation . amplification
axiom principle law
Axiom III Axiom II Axiom I
becoming doing being
bosons . fermions
bottom up . top down
child . parent
choice . randomness
choice change causality
clarity . opacity
clear . obscure
coherency structure significance
commitment . representation
communication . information
communion . solitude
communion intensity integrity
comparisons interactions relations
complexity . simplicity
concrete . abstract
connotative . denotative
consciousness perception attention
consistency . completeness
content . context
continuity comparison symmetry
correspondence object model
courage . bravery
covert . overt
creation interaction existence
creativity . experience
deeply well fully
dependence interdependence independence
depth . comprehensiveness
depth . duration
describe . explain
descriptive . proscriptive
diversity plurality unity
doing . being
dreamer dreaming dreamed
dynamic . static
dynamicism . stability
eastern . western
emergent . resultant
empirical . analytic
energy (strength) force power
engineer user technician
entropy temperature heat
epistemology . ontology
ethics . morality
evolution . growth
expansive . constrictive
expression . perception
faith . reason
feeling . form
feeling emotion (action) thought
fiction . fact
freedom . limitation
frequency . density
future present past
gentle . firm
gentleness compassion ruthlessness
h_constant . c_constant
heaven . earth
hologram point photograph
honor . truth
idealism . realism
idealistic . realistic
identity relation domain
imagination visualization concentration
implicit . explicit
incomplete . complete
induction . deduction
inequality positivity equality
infinite . finite
infinitesimal subconscious horizon
influence . control
inner . outer
inside . outside
instance . class
instruction . abstraction
intercompositional . interexclusionary
interdomain . intradomain
internal boundary external
intuition . intellect
invisible . apparent
inward . outward
joy . pain
knower knowing known
knowledge of quality . knowledge of law
limitation stasis vacuum
local . global
love . trust
means . ends
metaphysical . physical
microscopic mesoscopic macroscopic
modalities . axioms
multiple (plural) . single
and magic
and spirituality
and technology
mythic . factual
need desire want
novelty intensity consistency (rhythm)
objective real exist
observer observation observed
open . closed
originality effectiveness generality
part . whole
passive . active
perceiver perception perceived
perfection . permanence
personal . political
photons . electrons
Planck constant . speed of light
possibility selection consequence
potentiality . actuality
practice postulates theory
prayer . work
precision . accuracy
prediction description explanation
principles practice theory
private . public
probability potentiality possibility
in possibility
in time
in space
probable potential possible
qualia . quanta
quality . quantity
question directive assertion
relative . absolute
respond act react
sacred craft intellect
sameness . difference
scale direction position
secrecy . publicity
self relation world (reality)
sensitivity . severity
set . setting
significance . information
similarity inclusion proximity
simultaneous linear cyclic
smallest . largest
software . hardware
soul mind (self) body (heart)
source . target
speaking . listening
spiritual . physical
spirituality . religion
subject . object
subjective . objective
sufficiency . necessity
superconscious conscious
and subconscious
symbolic language literal
synthesis . analysis
through . across
to create . to find or discover
and specification
and direction
and characteristic
transparency reflection adsorption
transparent illumination opaque
trine monism dualism
understanding consciousness knowing
uniquity ontology unity
unity . isolation
unknowable unknown known
value meaning (significance) purpose
vertical . horizontal
vision . sight
well . fully
why and how who and what when and where
within . without
work through work with work on
worship . respect
zero unit extent

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