The Launch Tube Vaporizer

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The Launch Tube design, testing and analysis procedure involves a detailed examination the airflow and vapor condensation characteristics.

Test Procedure:
The video below was made by positioning a 532nm 75mw diode laser above the testing bench, passing the beam through a special liniar diffraction grating, masking, and arranging all so that the beam fan would pass transverse through the tube's long axis. The resulting vertical "light plane" will therefore vividly and clearly display a "slice" of the vapor transit from the tray to the pipe stem exit hole. This permits a direct experimental observation of the vapor flow and the complex fluid dynamics of the vapor chamber while the Launch Tube is in typical usage.

Test Results:
As can be seen from the video footage, a normal slow draw pulls the vapor stream evenly from the left, ensuring that the vapor does not condense on the cooler sidewalls of the vapor chamber. This contributes directly to the overall efficiency of the device and has the added side benifit that the pyrex glass tube does not require cleaning as often as it would otherwise.

Notice also that when the drawing action is momentariarly stopped, that the vapor chamber immediately transitions into two evenly formed convection cells, demonstrating that the pipe design is clearly of the convection type.


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