# Magic-Flight - Introducing the Launch Phauk1

The Magic-Flight Launch Phauk1™

Introducing the Phauk1™, the brand new design from Magic-Flight Labs answering to the needs of our interplanetary customers. In keeping with our ongoing sales expansion into the extradimensional markets, we have introduced this product for the majority of our customers who have round hands -- our mushroom bretheren from beyond.

Features of the Phauk1™

The Phauk1™ is the first portable vaporizer designed in accordance with intergalactic law.

  • • Optimized for use in zero gravity.
  • • Compatible with methane environments.
  • • Fits evenly into the center of your pseudopod.
  • • Nuclear battery built in, power supply lasts forever.
  • • Aesthetically pleasing version of the aphorism in Gleek.
  • • Verified functional during transwarp travel.
  • • Guaranteed to get you really *really* out there.

Due to the extraordinarily long lifespan of some of our customers, we can only offer a 150 year warranty. (note: where accounting for relativistic effects.)

Preorder the Phauk1™

*Currently only available to our interplanetary customers.

Join the Team!

Due to our expansion into the galactic market, we are now seeking applicants for our new interplanetary sales office. Associate duties include attending ambassador functions, acting as a liaison to the Gleem Embassy, negotiation of new sales contracts, identifying currency exchange rates, and acting as a general translator for Magic-Flight marketing materials (keeping in mind local cultural norms). Must be able to tolerate all atmospheres, and must be fluent in Gleek. Reliable interplanetary transportation required.

  • Apply today! - Please send applications to @magic-flight.com